The epicenter for comprehensive endpoint security

Rapidly stop attacks, scale security resources, and evolve defenses across operating systems and network devices.

Rapidly stop threats

Gain the upper hand against sophisticated threats like ransomware and nation-state attacks

Scale your security

Put time back in the hands of defenders to prioritize risks and elevate your security posture.

Evolve your defenses

Advance beyond endpoint silos and mature your security based on a foundation for extended detection and response (XDR) and Zero Trust.


Gain a holistic view into your environment, mitigate advanced threats, and respond to alerts from a single, unified platform.

  • Eliminate the blind spots in your environment
  • Discover vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in real time
  • Quickly go from alert to remediation at scale with automation
  • Block sophisticated threats and malware
  • Detect and respond to advanced attacks with deep threat monitoring and analysis
  • Eliminate risks and reduce your attack surface
  • Secure your mobile devices
  • Simplify endpoint security management

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint empowers your enterprise to rapidly stop attacks, scale your security resources, and evolve your defenses by delivering best-in-class endpoint security across Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and network devices. Feel confident in your security approach knowing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint provides the tools and insight necessary to gain a holistic view into your environment, mitigate advanced threats, and immediately respond to alerts all from a single unified platform.

Defender for Endpoint

directly integrates with various Microsoft solutions, including:

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Microsoft Sentinel
  • Intune
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity
  • Microsoft Defender for Office

Anything less than comprehensive security is not security at all

For many small and medium sized businesses, the future of the workforce relies on adapting a hybrid model that gives your employees the flexibility to work where and how they want. However, for SMBs to effectively operate with a remote and dispersed workforce, you need a security solution in place that protects your company’s data and your users regardless of the device and location your employees access your company resources and data from.

Microsoft’s security solutions are the answer to building a simple and effective solution for your business. Empower your employees to work where and how they want to allow them to provide the best results while Microsoft’s tools protect your data and applications across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. In addition to mitigating risks, Microsoft security solutions positively impact a company’s bottom line.