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Digital transformation is a process that’s unique to every business, but there’s also a great deal to learn from other companies’ transition experiences.

Digital transformation is now the foundation for business

For the last five years, digital products and services have largely been seen as a way to drive business through new lines of revenue, increased efficiencies, and reduced costs. In 2020, that has changed. A rapidly changing world has put digital transformation in a different light.

Powerful collaboration tools and unified data sources enable organizations to engage with each other and the customer seamlessly and from anywhere.

Technology advances in data capture and analytics, improved access to data, as well as the ability to build new proprietary solutions, enable organizations to apply technologies such as AI and machine learning to unlock key insights and deliver value when and where it’s needed most.

The resilience afforded by digital transformation can help companies weather change, recover quickly, and move forward with confidence. The easiest way to make it real is to learn from technology Partners.

IFK 365 is here to support your journey with our experience, tools, platforms, and partnership.

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The pace of digital transformation continues to quicken as organizations depend on top-quality remote work resources, cloud environments, and cybersecurity to both manage their own businesses and stay competitive in their offerings.

How to plan a digital transformation?

While digital transformation and cloud adoption may seem like technical endeavors, at their core, both are complex change management efforts that require business and technical stakeholders moving in unison.

Let us help you to go through different stages of digital transformation. We’re focused on helping you with:

  • assessing your IT environment
  • preparing digital transformation plan
  • moving your environment to the cloud, fitting transformation to your individual needs in hybrid or a cloud only scenario

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